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Prepare for Your Initial Consultation

Once your consultation has been confirmed by our staff, we will send you an intake form based on your specific needs. It is important that you bring the completed form to the consultation with you in order to avoid a delay in getting you in to see the attorney at your scheduled time. Bring all existing estate planning documents with you. This includes your Will, Power of Attorney, and Trusts. It is important to review these documents so we can help you develop a new estate plan or change an existing one. Be prepared to discuss your short and long-term goals so our attorneys can give you options to achieve them. For example, if you are creating a trust, are you focused on planning for nursing home care or are you simply attempting to avoid probate?

Questions to Ask Yourself Beforehand

  • Who do I want to inherit my property and assets after I die?
  • Who would I want to take care of my children if I die before they reach adulthood?
  • What assets do I have, and how do I plan to use them over the years?
  • Who do I trust enough to be the Executor of my Will?
  • Are there any special provisions that I want included in my Estate Plan?
  • Who do I trust enough to make medical decisions on my behalf if I am unable to?

We look forward to assisting you through the important and personal process of estate planning, Whether you are considering creating a Will, Trust, Powers of Attorney, or simply making updates to your current plan, our experienced estate planning attorney will help you get your concerns addressed.  

Questions to Ask Your Estate Planning Attorney

  • Which estate taxes am I subject to in this state?
  • What type of estate planning documents do I need?
  • What type of Will is best for me?
  • What type of Trust is best for me?
  • Does my Will need to be updated?
  • How do I make this process as smooth as possible for my loved ones when I am gone?
  • How can I avoid inheritance disputes upon my death?
  • How often should my estate planning documents be updated?
  • How do I avoid Probate?
  • Who can help my successors manage my Trust once I’m gone?
  • How do I avoid nursing home costs?


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